TablEdit FAQ

Wendy Anthony - Editor

CoMandoListServe members have been using and discussing TablEdit since 1999. Mike Stangeland, and other transcribers, shared many how-to-do discoveries with the List. Here is a collection of TablEdit Frequently Asked Questions from Mandolin players. If your question isn't here, try the TablEdit Help Menu or the TablEdit Website Help section.

Note: Please be sure to download the most recent version of TablEdit (v. 2.62) & TEFview. Older versions will show the wrong octave in the standard notation of some music files.

TablEdit FAQ
Converting To/From Different Instruments
Downloading TablEdit Files
File Import/Export (ABC, MIDI, Tab, Bitmap, WAV, PDF)
Printing & Screen Display
Sound and MIDI Options
TablEdit As A Learning Tool
TablEdit File Submissions
Transcribing Music With TablEdit