Theme Time on Mandozine Radio
The Theme Time series presents various genres or themes. Choose the music you want to hear. These playlists are about two hours long, and you can listen on the Mandozine Radio Web site, or on 8tracks.
Learn the Mando Fretboard

Learn the notes on the mandolin fretboard. Movable chords included to practice finding the root notes and playing movable chord shapes.

We Need Your Help.

In 1996 Mandozine was launched by John Baxter. The site has provided artists and enthusiasts a chance to learn techniques, study styles, and practice with a treasure of songs.

Our goal for the summer of 2019 is to keep Mandozine online. The costs to maintain the site are expensive and must be paid for the upcoming year. Also, there have been breaks in the code that need repair. All of these issues need repair urgently.

Thanks to generous sales of Chordette, we are on our way to reaching our goal to resolve past due and future payments, but we still need help.

If you are able to donate, your funds will have a dramatic impact towards keeping Mandozine alive.

New Don Stiernberg Album!
At music festivals,jam sessions, parties, gigs,and hangs, there's a saying musicians use after a particularly satisying jam: "That's a Good Number!". Good Numbers, a new album by Don Stiernberg, with Andy Brown and Jim Cox is a collection of good numbers humbly submitted for your approval and enjoyment. Included are standards, jazz tunes, and one original.
Learn Movable Chords
Learn to play mando chords up and down the neck. See the Fretboard pages for learning the fretboard notes to find the root note for the movable chords.
Mando Scales

Learn mandolin scales in all keys. Includes the chord formula for chords.