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Updated Tune Key Artist Transcriber Level Category
2004-09-07 Crooked Stovepipe G Traditional Anthony Intermediate Old-Time
2003-12-01 Devil Shook His Self G Ernest Ringo Sorenson Intermediate Miscellaneous
2019-06-08 Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky D Lane Keating Advanced Bluegrass
2003-12-01 Grandmammy Look At Uncle Sam Am Traditional Stangeland Intermediate Old-Time
2003-12-01 Molly and Tenbrooks Bb Lawson Stangeland Intermediate Bluegrass
2004-06-01 Molly and Tenbrooks B Thile Keating Professional Bluegrass
2003-12-01 Ook Pik Waltz G Rogers Stangeland Advanced Waltzes
2003-12-01 Ook Pik Waltz A Rogers Stangeland Intermediate Waltzes
2012-08-07 Ookpik Waltz G Frankie Rodgers Richard Levine Intermediate Waltzes
2003-12-01 Taylor Brooke A Stanley Stangeland Advanced Bluegrass
2004-10-08 The Way You Look Tonight D Kern Howard Intermediate Swing/Jazz