Tim Ware

The Tim Ware Group - Kaleidoscope Records (1979)
At the time David Grisman convinced Kaleidoscope Records to record the TWG, Tim had written only about half the tunes. But the rest came fairly quickly and in the fall of 1979, the Group was in the studio recording its first album. The personnel on that first album were:

Tim Ware: mandolin; guitar ("Seaborne Clouds")
Bob Alekno: guitar; mandolin ("Bossa de Bomba")
John Tenney: violin
Sharon O'Connor: 'cello
Ken Miller: bass

"Spiral Moons" (mandolin quartet):
Tim Ware: mandolin
David Grisman: mandolin
Darol Anger: mandola
Mike Marshall: mandocello

1. Sahara Strut
2. Bossa de Bomba
3. Turkish Tango
4. Spiral Moons
5. On the Wing (and Under the Weather)
6. Endless
7. Seaborne Clouds
8. Mandolin VII

All the tunes were written and arranged by Tim.

Shelter From The Norm - Rounder/Varrick (1983)
By 1983, Tim had written enough tunes for a second album, and after hearing a demo tape, Rounder Records agreed to release a new TWG album on its Varrick label. Consequently, in the summer of 1983 the group began recording its second record at Different Fur. The personnel on that second album were:

Tim Ware: mandolin
Bob Alekno: guitar; 2nd mandolin ("Idiot Glee")
David Balakrishnan: violin (John Tenney on "Eleanor Rigby")
Sharon O'Connor: 'cello
Ken Miller: bass

1. Idiot Glee
2. Bartok's Blues
3. Bisonette
4. Lizardology
5. Fields of Glass
6. Eleanor Rigby
7. Duet for Mandolin & 'Cello
8. Dreaming of New Delhi
9. Shelter From The Norm

Six of the tunes were written and arranged by Tim. "Bisonette" was written and arranged by David Balakrishnan. "Eleanor Rigby" ... well, you know.

Tim Ware Group v. 2.0
Take the psychedelic pop of the Beatles, the bluegrass-jazz of David Grisman and the jazz-rock fusion of Weather Report, run them through a maniacally eclectic personality and filter them through original compositions with such names as "(Knee-Deep in) Planet Pie" and "Illegal Irelands," and it becomes pretty clear what this Berkeley guitarist is all about. Ware's instrumental quintet rocks, swings, jumps and meanders its way through lively, uncharted musical territory that few would recognize but all should enjoy.

Below are links to MP3 downloads and streaming RealAudio of the recordings made by the Tim Ware Group v2.0.