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Double Stops Exercises

David Zimmerman

Doublestop Exercise I

Shapes hopes to introduce the concept of doublestops and begins to explore how they link together within a given key. Shapes are described using the strange (but intuitive?) names that pop into my head while I'm trying to remember them, but I have tried to augment with as much theory as possible. BTW, the key in the exercise is G although the point is that the key doesn't matter. Due to the consistent tuning (5th's) across strings on a mandolin, these shapes work everywhere in all keys!

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Doublestop Exercise II

I-IV-V Relationships hopes to build on Doublestop Exercise I - Shapes to show how the shapes can be used over a chord progression (a typical I-IV-V). In this exercise, we move through each doublestop shape in the key of G starting on the G and D strings and show some convenient ways to play the IV (C) and V (D) chords from each position (there will often be more than one convenient doublestop). Note that the shapes used for the IV and V chords are the same ones we saw in Exercise I. If the chord progression were to stay on one of these chords (or if you have a fast mind and faster fingers), you could move through the positions over the chord just as we did at the end of Exercise I (1 space position leads to the 2 space which leads to the upside-down 2 space, etc).

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