These are home recordings submitted to Mandozine, hosted on Soundcloud. If you would like to submit a home recording featuring mandolin, contact me. Please submit Home recordings, not commercially produced recordings. If you or your band has an album featuring mandolin, contact me from Mandozine Radio for airplay.

Home Recordings
Alley Cat - Milan Christi [Weber Yellowstone and a Gibson J-50 guitar]
All of Me - Kevin Harrison [2002 Weber Custom Bitteroot]
Bach Minuet No. 4 - Jerry Chapman [Trinity College Octave Mandolin], James Todd [BRW J-16 mandolin, serial number 49]
Bird Song - Paul White [Johnson MF-300, Taylor 510]
Blackbird Variation - Michal Elznic [Lebeda F5 1991 mandolin, Fender 5-string el.mando, ´30 12-string mando]
Bonaparte's March - Curtis Buckhannon [2006 Old Wave Oval, #366]
The Boys of Ballinafad - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 1999 Sawchyn A-2]
Candy Corn - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Custom built by Noble Brown]
Cedar Hill - Jeff Walker [F-style mando, Martin D-28 guitar, and a plywood upright bass]
Dance of the Autumn Leaves - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Dean Playmate]
Dawg Funk - Baron Collins-Hill [Fender FM62SE Acoustic-Electric]
Dawg Funk (Ukulele) - John Baxter [Kanile'a Koa Tenor]
Dawgmatism (Ukulele)- John Baxter [Ko'olau Spruce top Tenor, Pono Mahogany Tenor]
The First Noel - Brad Burns [Sawchyn A-2 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Merrill C-18 koa guitar]
Fisher's Hornpipe - Baron Collins-Hill [Fender FM62SE Acoustic-Electric], John Ayotte [Johnson MF-100 Mandolin]
Ghost Riders in the Sky - John Baxter [Kentucy Electric Mandolin]
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Brad Burns [Sawchyn S-5 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Martin 000-18GE guitar]
Gypsies Dream - Matt Morris [Mandolin - 2004 Micheal Kelly Elegante]
John Brown's March - Phil Good-Elliott [Old Wave A w/Oval hole]
Joy To The World - Brad Burns [Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Sawchyn A-2 mandolin, Taylor 555 12-string guitar]
Jump at the Sun - Joe Miller [1963 Gibson A40 Mandolin], Joe Miller [2003 Martin D35 Guitar]
June Apple - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 2004 Sawchyn S-5]
The Kesh Jig - Callum McKeon [Gibson Mandolin], Billy Green [Guitar and Bass]
The Lads of Laois - Risto [Mandolin], Matti [Guitar]
The Little Drummer Boy - Brad Burns [Merrill C-18 koa guitar, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin]
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 2000 Old Wave C# F-hole] [Guitar - 2001 Merrill C-18 Koa]
Lonely Lullaby - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Atoinotsai A-style oval hole mandolin]
Lucy in the Sky - Uncle Ken [1920 Gibson F4 and 1929 Gibson F5]
Mairzy Doats - Richard Taylor [Mandolin -1918 Gibson, lead and rhythm]
The Mandolin Blues - Ira Kittrell [Kennaquhair custom P2 Mandolin], Michael Rivelis [Martin Guitar]
Mandolin Fanfare - Brad Burns [Mandolins - 2004 Sawchyn S-5 and 1999 Sawchyn A-2]
The Meadow Flower - Atle Kvia [Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Cello, Guitar, Violin, Melodica. All instruments played by Atle Kvia.]
My Favorite Things - Brad Weiss [2001 David Hodson Djangoln]
Night Night - Kevin Harrison [2002 Weber Custom Bitteroot]
Pretty Little Dog - Curtis Buckhannon [Gibson 1920 A-2 and Old Wave 2004 A Oval comparison]
Raining In My Heat - Anton Darby
Rataplan - MandoLindy - Mario [Martin Guitar], Jerry [Trinity College Octave mandolin], Dave [Flatiron mandola], James [Ratliff F mandolin], Allen [Eastman A mandolin], Barry [Kentucky F mandolin]
Ron's Smile - Larry Tanner [1999 Gibson F-5G]
Rudolph - Brad Burns [Sawchyn S-5 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Merrill C-18 koa guitar]
Sitting in the Stern of the Boat - Richard Taylor [Mandolin - 1918 Gibson A, lead and rhythm] [Guitar rhythm - Martin D-18V]
Soldier's Joy - Mark Majewski [2000 Gibson/Flatiron Festival F5]
Star of County Down - Giuseppe Villa [Washburn F5 Mandolin], Danilo Longoni [L'arrivè guitar]
Stoney Point - Curtis Buckhannon [2006 Old Wave Oval, #366]
Sunday Afternoon - Michal Elznic [Lebeda F5 1991 mandolin - Ibanez AW500 guitar]
Sweet Georgia Brown - Small Shiny Things - Kevin Trudo [2004 Michael Kelly Dragonfly], Chis Bauler and Ron Donavon [guitars], Jay Olaszek [Bass]
Tennessee Blues - Jeff Walker [F-Style Mandolin, Martin D-28 Guitar]
Tous Mes Amys - Phil Good-Elliott [Old Wave A w/Oval hole]
Unspoken Words (part 2) - Atle Kvia [Rigel CT110 mandolin]
Wandering The High Wires - Terry Lewis [2003 Gibson F9 (lead track), 2001 Weber Gallatin (rhtyhm track)]
Warmth of the Sun - Ed Butor [Kentucky KM-620 - Mandolin, Taylor 314ce - Guitar, Hohner Acoustic Bass]
The Way You Look - [Tangmo - vocals; Phil Close - Rogue RM-100 mando, Rogue RA-100 acoustic, homemade gourd banjo, Gremlin bass, drums]
The Way You Look Tonight - John Baxter [Martin Baritone Uke tuned as Octave Mandolin - GDAE] (chord/melody arrangement by Alan Howard)
The Way You Look Tonight - John Baxter [Martin Baritone Uke tuned as Mandola (high C) - cGDA] (chord/melody arrangement by Alan Howard)
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Tyler Rennix (11 years old) [San Juan Mandolin], Eric Wilkens [Guitar]